IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer by Gama Italy


The lightest and most powerful hair dryer in the world. The IQ Perfetto dries hair 30% faster than any other dryer. Get professional performances.
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IQ Perfetto the most advanced Dryer

Auto Clean

A technology that rotates the turbine in reverse direction, deep cleaning the filter.

Memory Function

Speed and temperature memorization system, which recalls chosen settings among the 18 possible configurations, easily usable with the LED display.

Innovative Micro filter

Prevents the passage of even the smallest dirt particles into the motor, promoting your hair’s cleanliness and extending the engine’s lifecycle. Designed to prevent your hair from getting caught in the back coil of the dryer.

Oxy Active Technology

Get shiny and elastic hair thanks to the emission of active oxygen with anti-bacterial, for better color fixation and lock.

Venturi Effect

The air outlet has been designed to mutilply the air-flow dispensed by the motor. The extra air-flow is produced via vacuum effect without using extra power.

Auto-Diagnosis System

The IQ hairdryer is equipped with a new auto-diagnosis system to find any operating problems.

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IQ Perfetto

IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer by Gama

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IQ Perfetto is the most advanced professional hairdryer in the world.

Lightest in its class with 294 gr.

Most powerful with a brushless 110,000 RPM motor coupled with Venturi Effect design.

Ergonomic and sleek design.

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Warranty: 365 Days

Or 4 Interest-Free payments with

1 x IQ Perfetto dryer

1 x 96mm  concentrator nozzle

1 x 68mm concentrator nozzle

1 x diffuser

IQ Perfetto Hair Dryer is the most advanced blow dryer in the world. Every single aspect of the IQ Dryer as been engineered to create the ultimate experience. It packs an unmatched blowing power in the most compact design and lightest weight. 

Engineered in Italy by the world leader in hairdryer, the IQ by Gama has been created with both the hairstylist and the consumers in mind, It offers unparalleled performances.

The most powerful blow dryer with a motor speed of 110,000 RPM with 3-speed levels is 7x more powerful than other hairdryers. 

Only 78db of noise level, which is incredibly quiet for any hairdryer.

Its brushless motor not only reduces the drying time but significantly increases the lifetime of your dryer, thanks to its intelligent digital technology.

We designed the IQ dryer with the Venturi effect in order to significantly multiply the airflow without using extra power.

Ultra-Lightweight, we managed to reduce the weight of the IQ Perfetto’s weight to a mere 294 gr / 10.3oz. You can now dry your hair without tiring your arms. Hairstylists will love the freedom to create haircuts with such a lightweight dryer. 

Our hairdryer comes with the Oxy Active technology which acts as an anti-bacterial and also a sealant for hair cuticles. The result is shiny and healthy hair after each use.

We wanted to create a hairdryer with an extended lifetime and that would keep its performances throughout its life cycle. We introduced the microfilter and auto-clean technology

The microfilter is an advanced filter that prevents the smallest particles to enter the motor without losing its power.

The auto-clean technology efficiently extracts all the particles from the dryer by rotating its turbines in the opposite direction.

5 temperatures, 3-speed levels, and cool shot.

The IQ pro dryer comes with 1 Diffuser and 2 Concentrator Nozzles (96mm & 68mm)

Our Memory Function Technology can save up to 18 configurations between speed and temperature. You can easily access them through the digital interface.

We have also included a safety lock button to avoid accidental button activation during use.

Because we are so obsessed with details, we included a 3m / 9.9ft long power cord, so you can say goodbye to your extension cords.

  • Ultra-light 294 gr
  • Motor speed 110,000 RPM
  • Ultra-light 294 gr
  • Motor speed 110,000 RPM
  • Dimension:
    • Air outlet diameter: 46 mm.
    • Width: 193.5 mm.
    • Height: 166.8 mm.
  • 7x more powerful than conventional hair dryers
  • Long-lasting Brushless Motor
  • Noise level 78 dB
  • Power 1700 Watts
  • 5 temperatures, 3 speeds + cool shot
  • 1 Diffuser and 2 Concentrator Nozzles (96mm & 68mm)
  • Safety Lock Heat/Speed 
  • Memory Function : 18 possible configurations
  • Venturi Effect
  • Oxy Active Technology 
  • Auto-Diagnosis System

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An innovative, minimalistic look and pioneering design.
Top-of-the-line technology, brushless motor and completely digitalized.
Sophisticated and unique Ice-color.
Dries Hair 30% faster than any other
Professional Hairdryer.

  • 3 SPEEDS


Original design !

Original filter design, never again get your hair caught in the hairdryers’ back oil.

2 nozzles & 1 DIFFUSER

IQ is equipped with a diffuser and 2 nozzles with innovative hooks for easy coupling and unique stability

Watch THE IQ Perfetto in action

Watch THE IQ Perfetto in action

Gama IQ Pro The biggest
breakthrough in hair dryers history.


110.000 RPM. Which is a staggering 7 times faster than traditional hair dryers.

1700 Watts

In addition to being lightweight, the IQ Dryer is Ultra-compact.

Air outlet diameter: 46 mm.
Width: 193.5 mm.
Height: 166.8 mm.

Yes, the IQ hair dryer comes with the 1 Diffuser and 2 Nozzles.

We are proud to offer a special discount for the Gama IQ Perfetto Hair Blower: $354.95 USD down from $399.95 USD.

The IQ Perfetto id compatible with the US and Canadian 110V.

This model is not dual voltage

By design, the nozzles and diffusers do not go all the way inside the slot. Do not try to fit them all the way.

  • For professionals we strongly recommend to use the autoclean function daily.
  • Individuals should use the autoclean function at least once a week depending on their usage.

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